Sabi Power Private Limited is an upcoming Solar Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules manufacturer. Sabi Power designs and manufactures high quality Solar Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules. Sabi Power aims at providing clean, affordable and sustainable energy solutions that meet the requirements for the coming generations. A state of the art  production facility for the manufacture of solar thin film photovoltaic modules is coming up at Virudhunagar District in Tamil Nadu. With concerns about rising oil prices and climate change spawning political momentum for renewable energy, solar electricity is poised to take a prominent position in the global energy economy. Solar energy accounts for one of the most available renewable energy source on earth. Only a portion of this is being tapped for usage.

Sabi Power is at the forefront of establishing itself as a serious contender to tap the abundantly available solar energy as a clean and effective alternative to fossil fuels. Sabi Power’s motto  is to eradicate the energy ambiguity that exists in the energy sector.Photovoltaics production is doubling almost every two years making it one of the fastest growing energy sources. With our manufacturing of Solar thin photovoltaic modules we look forward to provide a sustainable clean energy source.

Sabi Power’s Vision

Our vision is to become a world class organization that assures to provide clean , affordable , sustainable energy solutions for today’s, tomorrow’s and the next generation’s energy requirements. Our team is working dedicatedly to create an affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to fossil-fuel generation. Energy attained with fossil fuels uses up resources of the future generations to meet our current requirements. We at Sabi Power look at providing abundantly available renewable solar energy as a clean and effective alternative to fossil fuel energy. Our Vision is towards eradication of the existing energy ambiguity.

Sabi Power is aiming to become a totally integrated manufacturer of solar modules. With our proposed plan, we intend to manufacture 600 metric tonnes of glass and 2200 pairs of optic lens in the near future.

Sabi Power’s Mission

Our mission is in alignment with the world’s mission of reducing carbon emissions for a cleaner and better tomorrow. We at Sabi Power are working towards setting up state of the art manufacturing facility to make Solar thin photovoltaic modules, which is the soul for tapping the solar energy. We are empowering India with greener and cleaner energy and also providing employment opportunities directly and indirectly.We provide products and services of the highest possible standards to meet our expectations of quality, safety and reliability.

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