The term photovoltaic comes from the Greek word Phos meaning light and voltaic meaning electric, from the name of the Italian physicist Alexsandro Volta. This technology was originally developed for usage in space technologies in the 1950’s. Thin-film manufacturing involves depositing extremely thin layers of photosensitivematerials on glass, metal, or plastics.

A solar cell is a device that converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Sometimes the term solar cell isreserved for devicesintended specifically to capture energy from sunlight such as solar panels and solar cells, while the term photovoltaic cell is used when the light source is unspecified. Assemblies of cells are used to make solar panels, solar modules, or photovoltaic arrays. Photovoltaics is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells in producing electricity for practical use. The energy generated this way is an example of solar energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Renewable source of energy.
Modular- could be placed at any place.
Clean and affordable technology.
Virtually little or no maintenance.
Installation according to the requirement of the user.
Energy produced can be used directly, stored locally or feed into electricity grid.
Invest only once for 20 years energy production.
Reduce the emission levels and also preserves the fossil fuel.


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