Sabi Power's team has a beautiful mix of vastly experienced senior personnel who provide the organisation with a broad perspective and young team members who bring the exuberance of their youth to the team. The senior staff guides the young team in channeling their energies in the right direction. Sabi Power’s Managing Director, Mr. Sridhar, brings to the table the broad experience he has gained over 22 years across variety of verticals ranging from Thermal Power energy projects to Infrastructure projects.

Managing Director
Mr. Sridhar has been the architect of a Engineering construction company with specialty in the Thermal power energy sector. He has carried forward the experience gained over a period of 22 years for setting up Sabi Power the manufacturing unit of Solar thin photovoltaic modules. Our Managing Director has a broad experience in guiding the company in a variety of verticals to high growth. As a Managing Director, he has created a strong, steady, dynamic management structure which banks and the broad shoulders of experience and the exuberance of youth in each Department.

Mrs.Amutha Sridhar has 11 years of experience in HR Department. She has been HR in the construction sector. She has organized many maintenance and training program activities. She has devoted her time towards providing effective people friendly policies and procedures.

The Finance department is one of the pillars of any successful organization. This department is headed by Mr. A. Ramachandra Reddy, a retired banker. His expertise is in controlling Finance and Banking, which was garnered over a period of 36 years . He is ably supported by Miss.K.Sharmila,a charted accountant having experience in Cost & Accounts.

Mr.Joseph Canute Sequeira a veteran with over 40 years experience heads the technical department. He has bought the vast experience gained as a Project manager in the Heavy complex Industries for the smooth execution of this project. His experience includes Cement & Steel palletizing plants, Mineral beneficiation, Ore dressing & handling,Material handling projects for steel & power plants , water treatment plants , Telecommunication tower construction projects, Solar photo- voltaic – thin film & polysiliconIndustries , Solar Float & Micro glass Beads projects in India , Middle East and in Brunei.Mr. Joseph is ably supported by Mr. Ramesh K.Tiwari M. Tech(Mech) with 6 years experience in Thermal Power plants.

The Marketing department is about acquiring and retaining customers for products and services by delivering customer value. Mr. Francis Bernad with 30 years of experience in Marketing & Procurement in various sectors heads this department. He is supported by Mrs. Sudha Balaji an MBA with 9 years experienced in Electronics and Software Industries. 

Mr.Kurma Narasimhalu, an Graduate in Mechanical & Safety Engineering is taking care of the safety department. He has over 12 years of experience in Power plant, Cement plant construction and Operation activities. His department has proposed many safety operations which monitors the overall fucntioning of the organisation and ensures the safety of the employees and the overall company.

Quality control is a key department which monitors and ensures that the product meets the specifications. Mr.Maruthi Nalawade an Electrical Engineering graduate with 18 years experienced in Quality Control Management for Protective Coating applications and manufacturing Industry is leading this important department.

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